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A WordPress local development environment with Vagrant

I’ve used XAMPP as my WordPress local development environment for the last couple of years, but as I’ve done a lot of development on the Smart Insights site recently, it’s been frustrating me that my development environment doesn’t match with the live server. So I started looking into alternative solutions. I’ve recently migrated Smart Insights […]

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Does WordPress delete expired transients from the database?

Just the other day in Caching using the WordPress Transient API, I explained about using the WordPress Transient API to cache data in the database temporarily, the idea being that you set an expiry date and time against each, and WordPress automatically expires them when this is reached. So far so good, right? Not entirely. […]

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Caching using the WordPress Transients API

The WordPress transients API offers a simple and standardised way of storing cached data for a defined amount of time in the database, after which it will expire. What is the WordPress Transients API? Caching is an extremely important part of your WordPress development toolbox. If your site is running the same database queries again and […]

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How to extend the WordPress cookie timeout for auto-login

We’ve had a number of support request on Smart Insights recently from users asking us why they have to keep logging back into the site, even after ticking the ‘remember me’ option on the login form.  At first I approached this as a potential bug, but after a little digging discovered that WordPress cookie timeout […]

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Code snippet – strip links from string in PHP

Ever wanted to quickly and easily strip links from a string in PHP, but don’t want to use strip_tags because it forces you to manually specify every tag you want to keep, and not letting you tell it which ones to strip? The other day while doing some PHP development I had an issue with a […]

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Protecting your site from WordPress brute force attacks

Over the last week there’s been a lot of noise on the web in regard to a 90,000 server botnet being the cause of an increase in WordPress brute force attacks.  Today, the US-CERT (United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team) issued a statement on the subject, which goes to show how seriously the attack is […]

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Why do you need a WordPress managed hosting provider?

Now that WordPress powers 17.6% of the world’s websites, we’re seeing an increase in hosting companies that specialise purely in managed WordPress hosting. These can be very expensive – often over a $100/month when compared to your regular hosting. So what are the benefits above a normal shared or managed hosting provider? What are the […]

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How to add an XML sitemap in WordPress

Why is a sitemap in WordPress important, and how to create and publush an XML sitemap in WordPress.

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WordPress membership

How to choose a WordPress membership plugin

Why is a sitemap in WordPress important, and how to create and publush an XML sitemap in WordPress.

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WordPress audio/video embed

WordPress mp4 videos supported without plugins in 3.6

Following on from my last post on WordPress 3.6 and post formats comes the news that mp3 audio and mp4 videos are now supported directly via new video and audio shortcodes. Previously you needed to install separate plugins to embed these formats, as they weren’t supported by the standard WP_embed shortcode. Here’s the full details directly from […]

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