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What should be excluded in a WordPress gitignore file?

Since starting to use GitHub for version control a couple of years ago, I love the flexibility it offers. But what should you exclude from Git version control in a WordPress project? Git allows you to add any files you want to ignore to a file in the root of the project to a file called […]

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How to see which WordPress page template is being used

When you’re working with custom page templates in WordPress, it’s often easy to get lost in the WordPress template hierarchy, which is pretty complex. As a result, you can get confused at which WordPress page template is being used by the page you’re looking at in a browser. Since I tend to work alongside front-end […]

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Generate WordPress custom code with GenerateWP

Whenever I start a new WordPress project I’m constantly going back to my old projects to grab chunks of code – in particular for custom post type and taxonomy definitions, sidebars, menus and shortcodes. I’m not a big fan of using plugins to define this sort of stuff – I’d rather have them created and […]

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Google Analytics virtual pageviews and Gravity Forms

I’ve been working quite a bit on Google Analytics virtual pageviews and event tracking recently, for both Smart Insights and First 10. A recent site required the ability for users to submit their own ‘Styles’ – a picture and description of themselves with tags to a public gallery on the site. Using the fantastic Gravity Forms plugin […]

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On leaving First 10 Digital

From April 2nd 2013, I’ll no longer be anything to do with the company I co-founded three years ago, First 10 Digital. Well, not strictly true – I’ll still be doing bits and pieces of freelance work for it now and again. But I’ll no longer be a director or shareholder of something that I […]

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